“Exciting talent on show”

‘Real variety and some exciting talent on show in this tightly orchestrated evening….brilliant comedic performances and insightful writing.’ 

James Price, Everything Theatre.

An enjoyable, often deeply thoughtful evening of theatre

‘An enjoyable, often deeply thoughtful evening of theatre. It feels like a cross between a rather good actors’ showcase and a book of short stories but is none the worse for that.’

Susan Elkin, Sardines Magazine..


“They shake us. And stir us”

‘Fantastic….This collection of scenes, captures that old familiar Kafkaism, wielding an axe on the frozen sea within our souls. They shake us. And stir us. And I look forward to more challenges from Underexposed Theatre in future.’

Pete Lawler, The American Londoner.


“It showed just the quality of the material"

‘The depth of the evening was certainly surprisingly considering this production was from a new company, but it showed just the quality of the material they were working with, and its delivery.’

— Dominic Stevenson, The Northern PH

“The cast was very good throughout"

‘The cast was very good throughout and presented some very good new writing.’

Carolyn Kopplin, West End Wilma.