Theatre company exploring stereotypes that fly under the radar


Underexposed Theatre's premise is to explore and challenge the overlooked stereotypes that exist in our society through both comedy and drama.

Preconceptions of certain 'types' of people exist across the wide spectrum of our population and yet we mostly only question those most abhorrent and offensive. But what about those generalisations that don’t get met with immediate disdain, where the stigma does stick and which in many cases fly under the radar of what is considered unacceptable and in poor judgement?

Underexposed Theatre will play with these ideas as we did in our debut show, the eponymous Underexposed, which ran at the Old Red Lion Theatre in Islington and encompassed a series of short plays that reflected on the underexposed stereotypes theme.

Subject matter that we explore can be anything from the serious and the worthy to the lighthearted and the silly as long as it fits the bill. In our debut show we had everything from post-natal depression and revolution to high-spirited artistic types and deliberations over cocks and consequences so it’s a broad spectrum!

Going forward, we will be producing more work in a similar vein, with our modes of delivery ranging from more short play festivals to full-length productions and rehearsed readings with the potential to expand into other creative mediums.